Today I spent $155.88 at a second attempt at starting a blog. Why would I spend $155.88 on a blog that in its last run only had two post over the course of a year instead of going somewhere free like Blogger? Because sometimes I believe in second shots, and I also believe that spending a money can be a good motivator to commit to something.

My dad always raised me with the mentality of paying for something once then milking the crap out of it to knock the per-use cost as low as possible. For example whenever we skiing we have to ski enough times to get the cost per lift down to $10 ($5 is ideal). So today begins the first day of my 31 day challenge of writing, with a hefty cost on a blog to knock that $155.88 cost down to $5.02 a post within my first month. But it won’t be as simple as writing 500 rambling words a day, I have some ground rules:

  1. I must write everyday, if I miss a day I must fill in that void proactively by writing in advanced or doubling up the next day if I miss a post.
  2. Each post must be about something of interest to me, not something about me. It’s easy to write about what you did that day, but that can be a copout (and let’s be honest, most of the time nobody cares about your day).
  3. Posts can be no shorter than 250 words, with an ideal minimum of 500. Writing everyday is a new thing for me, and I am a slow writer so I want to keep it simple. The point of this exercise is to stretch my writing muscles and explore ideas and interests of mine to find my writing voice.

Those are the rules. Now let’s knock the cost of this blog down to $5.02 a post.

Here goes take two.

Day 1

Word Count: 326

Cost per Post: $155.88