Story List

A handy list of all my fictional writings.

A Minor Accident

A woman’s husband calls her letting her know he’ll be later to her parents, he has gotten himself into a minor accident with a strange woman.

Topics: Comedy, weird


While exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization in Antarctica a woman encounters a horror unlike any other.

Topics: Scifi, Lovecraftian, comedy

Community Meeting

You know that giant fire ball in the sky? No not the sun, the other one. Yeah it’s taken a new route and we need to discuss how it’s affecting our quaint little neighborhood. Wear your protection, you don’t want to arrive with blisters and blinded vision.

Topics: Magical realism, comedy

The Constant

Every empire that has ever existed in our galaxy has perished to the same man over and over again. After two centuries of searching, I have found him.

Topics: Scifi

D’heet Z’hin

The prophecy foretold of a man born within our village will one day finally free us of the grasp of the Carnot Empire. The spirit D’heet Z’hin lives within him, and he shall carry us to victory. Wait, are we sure he’s the right guy?

Topics: Chosen one, fantasy

Interception (Series – OnGoing)

A runner wakes up in a room he doesn’t recognize, his memories a jumbled mess. How did he get here, and who did he piss off this time?

Chapters: 1, 2

Topics: Scifi, cyberpunk

Let the World Hurry By

A woman overwhelmed by the world retreats into her home. She just needs a break.

Topics: Magical realism, introspection

Midnight Bus

A man’s bus is late, again. When it finally arrives the driver takes him to battle.

Topics: Action, comedy, fantasy

Perfectly Reasonable

He had haunted the walls of the house for years, scaring off any newcomer who had ever stepped foot within his house, until now. Scientists ruin everything!

Topics: Supernatural, comedy


She was born with the gift of telepathy, but nobody must know.

Topics: Supernatural, scifi

The Road to R-Day

R-Day, as most of you know by now, was the single greatest medical discovery since the vaccine, and the most significant spiritual event since Jesus walked the Earth. But how did we get here?

Topics: Scifi

The Subtle Silhouette

A seasoned henchman takes a promising job helping a young upstart villain.

Topics: Superheroes

A Thousand Years

A man is sentenced to a thousand years of life.

Topics: Scifi

The Two Minute Rule

A man forgets to clean a mess from the previous night, and reflects on his mother’s golden rule of cleaning.

Topics: Weird, comedy, fable

Wrong Number

Even God butt dials sometimes.

Topics: Comedy